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Maar moet je een ICO persé op Ethereum lanceren? Door de smart contracts kan ethereum functioneren als een tokenplatform en laat dat nou precies wezen wat een ICO nodig heeft, tokens om te verkopen aan hun investeerders. en is de Ethereum blockchain wel veilig genoeg? Nee en waarschijnlijk niet.

共识 算法 目前 以太坊 中有两个公式 算法 的实现,分别为clique和ethash。其中clique是PoA共识的实现,ethash是 PoW 共识的实现,其相应的代码位于go-ethereum/consensus目录下。 PoW (ethash) PoW 定义 PoW 与PoA不同之处在于, PoW 是一个人人都可能有出块权的共识机制,而PoA通过"选举专家"来确认出块权。 PoW 可以被概括为如下: PoW 用来对人人可以参与的区块链项目的出块权进行确权。确权的方式是通过计算满足一定的条件。这个计算必须是复杂的、耗时的;而条件.

Fondsen van de bitcoin blockchain kunnen naar deze sidechain gestuurd worden en vice versa. De sidechain wordt beveiligd door de mining kracht van het bitcoin netwerk. Als de sidechain ooit crasht of aangevallen wordt dan heeft dit geen gevolgen voor de Bitcoin blockchain. Een sidechain is een nieuwe blockchain die gekoppeld is aan de bitcoin blockchain.

Updated the www page logo/about boxes to have a smaller max-width (Jul 1 2021) Lighter background set for the logo box on the www page (Jul 1 2021) Other miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to the main www page (Jul 1 2021) User stars will now display in notifications (Jul 2 2021) Added padding back to the Popular Forums list to match the current styling in the forums (Jul 2 2021) Updated Staff List bios to have matching heights (Jul 3 2021) Fixed a display issue in Firefox with Staff List tabs being full width (Jul 5 2021) Online User and Today's birthday user tiles now have matching heights (Jul 5 2021) Updated the Staff List page to use a pager header instead of regular links (Jul 5 2021) Staff retirement: Yakir Trade Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Jul 5 2021) Removed default browser border-radius from certain input buttons (Jul 5 2021) Friends List tiles now have matching heights (Jul 6 2021) Updated the title and added a breadcrumb to the Top Mediators list (Jul 6 2021) New Request Mediator interface with additional features: If you have a pending mediator request, clicking Request Mediator will show the current status If your status is waiting for a mediator and you no longer need a mediator, you can now cancel your mediator request.

Ethereum is niet opgezet met als doel om geld te wezen maar eerder een soort van wereldcomputer waarop iedereen kleine programmaatjes (smart contracts) kan draaien. Vergeleken met bitcoin is ethereum meer gecentraliseerd, is de blockchain onveiliger en zit er geen limiet op de uitgifte van de hoeveelheid ethereum.

(Oct 7 2021) Staff promotion: Yakir Retired Moderator -> Trade Moderator (Oct 7 2021) When making a Scammer Accusation, a drop down list of recent contacted users will now display to assist in reporting (Oct 8 2021) Removed "d2jsp - " prefix from the PM box and all sub page titles (Oct 10 2021) New rewrite and overhaul to the Request Mediator system implemented and live. The new system is only for D2:R at this point in time (Oct 12 2021) More tweaks and improvements to the new Mediation system (Oct 13 2021) Updated the Diablo III >Trading Market >Consoles tags from "Nintendo Switch" -> "Switch" (Oct 14 2021) Mediation requests in the Diablo II >Diablo 2:Resurrected >D2:R Console Trading so it now properly asks for Friend Code(Switch), PSN(Playstation) and Gamertag(Xbox) (Oct 14 2021) Added new HC tags for each console in the D2:R Consoles trading sub forum (Oct 15 2021) Added a warning message when posting in the original Diablo II or Diablo III trading forums that they are not the Diablo II: Resurrected section (Oct 16 2021) Added a search option to General Help (Oct 18 2021) Searching General Help and Scammer Accusations now search all posts from the last 365 days (Oct 18 2021) Fixed a bug where search results would not show up under some conditions (Oct 18 2021) Added D2:R trading as a search category for paid user searches (Oct 18 2021) Legacy Hardcore West, East, Europe subforums merged into a single Hardcore forum (Oct 19 2021) Legacy Classic West, East, Europe subforums merged into a single Classic subforum (Oct 19 2021) Fixed an issue where archived gold messages as csv would line wrap (Oct 20 2021) Renamed the Trading Market to Diablo 3 (Oct 21 2021) Amalgamated old Diablo 3 discussion forums(D3 Trophy Room, Strategy & Guides, Hardcore) into D3 Discussion (Oct 21 2021) Added "Tags" to the following forums (Oct 21 2021) Diablo II >Diablo 2 Discussion >Trophy Room - Tags : D2:R, D2 Diablo II >Diablo 2 Discussion >Strategy & Guides - Tags : D2:R, D2 Diablo II >Diablo 2 Discussion >Diablo Clone Hunters - Tags : BNB D2:R, D2 This only applies to bumps made after this update went live At present, BNB they will show in the first page(s), btc but not necessarily sorted to the top. Also reworded some of the placeholder hints. Topics older than a few months or closed topics will not show up in the results.

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